Policy Communications is comprised of a network of expert practitioners in public relations, media relations, government relations, and investor relations disciplines.  Based in Denver, Colorado, the Policy Communications team services clients that have business interests around the world.



Jim Sims, President and CEO

Policy Communications, Inc. was founded and is led by Jim Sims, a 30-year veteran of helping companies, governments, education institutions, and non-profit groups solve their toughest public relations, media relations, and investor relations challenges.  

A former White House staffer and former U.S. Senate Chief of Staff, Jim leads Policy Communications' team of consulting experts and also serves as Vice President of External Affairs for NioCorp Developments Ltd.  

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What They Say about Policy Communications' CEO

Alex King


"Jim Sims is a real leader. He is a clear thinker, a clear, consistent, and patient communicator who always stays right on message. He has a great sense of timing, and an understanding of when to act, and when to hold back. He is also a great pleasure to work with. He delivers what he says he will, when he says he will, and leads others to do the same by his personal example."

Alex King, founder and former Director of the US Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Institute.

Bob NcNally


"Jim is an uncommonly talented and genial professional who was a joy to work with in the White House. During the most hectic times, he kept his head and cheer, focused on problem-solving, and displayed a superb attention to detail."

Bob McNally, President, Rapidan Energy Group

Andris Cukurs


"I've known Jim for the last four years and can say that, without question, he is one of best Corporate Communications / Investor Relations executives I've met."

Andris Cukurs, CEO, Suzlon Wind Energy Corp.

Yuan Gao


"I had the pleasure and privilege to have worked with Jim at Molycorp from 2010 to 2014. Jim has been the best government affairs and corporate communications leader I have ever worked with. I was very impressed with Jim’s knowledge, skills and network in these two areas. On the job, Jim is a high caliber professional and team builder. Off the job Jim is a friend who would go an extra mile to help. One would be blessed to have Jim join his/her team."

Yuan Gao, President and CEO, Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd.

Troy Timmons


"I've known Jim for about 20 years now, and have had the pleasure of working closely with him on many occasions. One of his great skills - and one I've attempted to emulate - is his ability to translate complex subjects into easily understood language. Whether it's complicated policy or dense technical issues, Jim has a wonderful ability to distill it all down into plain English. It's a wonderful and under appreciated talent."

Troy Timmons, Western Governors' Assn.

David O'Brock


"I have had the pleasure of working with Jim since 2011, and I can truly say that it has been a pleasure. Jim is always able to project optimism and turn any situation into a positive turn of events. Through the years, I have given Jim some very tough public relations challenges that would have implications not only on our European level, but would also have notice taken on the NYSE. He has always very carefully considered all aspects of what was going to be put out to the public, taking into account not only who the intended audience is, but also, who else may read and react to the information being presented."

David O'Brock, Vice Chairman of the Board, Estonian Cultural Endowment Fund

Bret Sumner


 "Jim specializes in macro-strategic advocacy and communications at the company level and project and issue-specific levels. He is also very successful at coordinating and organizing local, state and federal advocacy efforts combined with grass-roots and grass-tops advocacy initiatives. Jim understands the intersection of various interest groups and stakeholders into a particular issue or advocacy initiative and how to best coordinate those various components into a bigger, more coordinated, and more successful strategic effort. Jim is very energetic and incredibly professional. Great to work with."

Bret Sumner, Shareholder, Beatty & Wozniak, P.C.

Randal Reid


"Jim's depth of experience and expertise is readily apparent in any communications that he handles. He quickly assesses the appropriate content, tone, and nuance for a perfectly crafted message based on the intended audience and the desired outcome. His experience in Washington, DC makes him very effective when advocating public policy issues. He brings energy and style to the workplace that is infectious and makes him fun to work with. He's one of the best I've ever worked with."

Randal Reid, Chief Legal Officer, Neo Performance Materials

Stephen Flaherty


"Jim is a true professional and has deep experience in building bi-partisan coalitions that are successful at achieving public policy goals that serve multiple stakeholders. As a strategic thinker he generates strategies that are inclusive and appealing to key decision makers as they consider difficult public policy questions."

Stephen Flaherty, VP of Gov't and External Affairs, Cimarex Energy

Jack Coleman


 "Jim Sims was the perfect chief executive for the Western Business Roundtable. He combined broad knowledge of the issues facing businesses operating in the West and a mastery of the state and federal policy processes. His even greater strengths are those of a strong intellect, a strategic mind, and excellent interpersonal relations skills. I recommend him without reservation for any position that demands those skills."

Jack Coleman, Managing Partner, EnergyNorthAmerica LLC

Laura Skaer


"I have known and worked with Jim for 14+ years. He is one of the smartest, hardest working communications / government affairs persons I know. He is an excellent political and communications strategist. His political and corporate communications experience has presented many challenges which he has met and conquered. He is forward thinking, not affraid to try new approaches. He is a great collaborator and has exceptional coalition building skills. Jim knows how to move the ball. I highly recommend Jim."

Laura Skaer, former President of the American Exploration and Mining Assn.

William B. Canfield III


"I have known Jim as a friend and as a colleague on Capitol Hill since the late 1980s. We worked together on many legislative issues for Senator Robert Kasten of Wisconsin. Jim has also been a client of mine when I went into private practice in the early 1990s. Jim has a gift for developing effective communications strategies and for implementing those strategies. I highly recommend him as a professional and can vouch for his amazing skill set." 

William B. Canfield III, Managing Partner, Capital Strategic Advisors


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